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Editor's Pick:
Nice warm instrumental mambo and Latin jazz, all original compositions, no filler or jazz lite, gracias. If you have not heard these Michigan-based cats before, this is as good a place to start as any. As has been pointed out before, you can dance to what these bravos are laying down, or just sit back and listen to the groove. Real acoustic piano, smoking flute, plenty of solos all around, crisp ritmos and tumbaos – all the ingredients for your summer BBQ or for the dance floor when you are tired of the vocals. Personal faves are "Sayulita," the Russian mambo "Pushkin, My Friend," and the band’s intense call and response theme song, "Ritmo Bravo." For the mellower side, there is the enchanting funky danzón/cha "Victoria," and for the more straight up jazz lovers, there is "Mojicarrific." These guys know what they are doing, and you should too.
Highly Recommended. (Pablo Yglesias, 2008-06-23)

Track Listing

1. Sayulita

2. Un Systema Para Todo

3. Victoria

4. Mojicariffic

5. Habla

6. Serenata

7. Schiphol

8. Pushkin, My Friend

9. Caminos

10. Sharonesque

11. Ritmo Bravo