Tumbao Bravo is a 5-7 piece Cuban Jazz combo consisting of Congas, Timbales, Sax/Flute/Piccolo, Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Piano, Bass Guitar, and Bongos.


Mambos, Cha Chas, Rumbas and Boleros are just some of the authentic rhythms explored by this exciting group. Many of our songs are composed by band members as well as some classic Cuban Jazz tunes.


Musically rewarding and quite danceable, our presentation is entertaining and fun. 


           We can perform as the smaller group of five pieces (without trumpet) for quieter background music; or the full 7 piece group which adds Trumpet and Bongos.


           Formed in August of 2003 by conguero Alberto Nacif and reedman Paul VornHagen, Tumbao Bravo won the 2005 Detroit Music Award for "Outstanding Jazz Recording" for their debut release, Montuno Salad.


           The summer of 2006 saw the release of the second CD, Amigos: From Our Hands which has received huge airplay in the Detroit area as well as on national radio.  This CD won a 2007 Detroit Music Award in the World Music category for “Outstanding World Music Recording.”


           In 2008, Tumbao Bravo has released “Un Systema Para Todo.”   It includes fresh tracks from Alberto Nacif, Paul Vornhagen, a rare track from Mr. Bob Mojica as well as it’s newest members, Patrick Prouty and Wesley Reynoso. “Un Systema Para Todo” has already had major airplay in the Michigan, Chicago and Miami national airplay markets.


           Tumbao Bravo has performed at all the major jazz festivals in Michigan including Detroit International Jazz Festival, Ann Arbor Jazz Festival, Lansing Jazz Festival, Sterlingfest, and Michigan Jazz Fest.  Jazz club venues include:  Baker's Keyboard Lounge, Andy's Jazz Club in Chicago, Il., the Firefly Club and Goodnite Gracies in Ann Arbor, MI.


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